Friday, April 27, 2012

Some Migrants Found

My one day off. The winds have shifted from North to South meaning I bet most migrants took off already but I need to do some checking. First stop? You know. Lake Lancaster. The Limpkin family I reported about a while ago have moved down to the bend toward the lake since their original home is even more dried out and snails are more plentiful in the new spot.


The area has the same birds as yesterday but I like this Solitary Sandpiper shot better than yesterday's.

Solitary Sandpiper

The Mallards are also looking a bit more colorful today.


Unlike yesterday, I can hear a loud noise over at the Great-blue Heron rookery. An adult was flying in and now I can see the young birds. They aren't little at all! I was looking at juveniles but they were already almost as tall as the adults. I completely missed the newly-hatched stage. Now they fight with each other as the adult keeps its food in its belly, for now.

Great-blue Heron

Once I snapped out of that revelation I began looking for warblers in the oaks. The were several Western Palm Warblers but I was looking for what I saw as I left my house. Moments later I spotted one. A Blackpoll Warbler. This one has a nice juicy spider.

Blackpoll Warbler

Unfortunately, this is how we see most Blackpoll Warblers this time of year. From below. When they do come out they aren't there long. At least they are easily recognized by their bright yellow legs.

Blackpoll Warbler

I wanted to get over to Mead Garden so I didn't try to wait all morning for a clearer shot. I was hoping for more warblers over there. I did have to swing by Lake Emerald on the way and quickly came to a halt as I was driving past. Could that be? Yep. My first Spotted Sandpiper of the year!

Spotted Sandpiper

It caught my eye immediately for some reason. It was feeding near one of the many Little Blue Herons like this immature bird. Little Blue Herons are born white and then get mottled before turning solid blue. Looks almost like it got splattered with paint.

Little Blue Heron

I was trying to get some closer shots of the sandpiper while the herons in the water stayed statue still. What's a boy to do? Click. I have the entire reflection in the shot but wanted to get more detail in the bird for you, dear readers.

Little Blue Heron

The Sandpiper was very jumpy and stayed exactly the same distance from me until it decided to fly back across the lake (OK, barely a pond by now) and landed on an exposed log. Not a bad mix after a million shoreline shots.

Spotted Sandpiper

I get carried away. It is a nice new migrant, after all. But I need to get to other spots! I will try again for the closer shot of the sandpiper at another time.

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