Friday, April 13, 2012

Look Who I Found.

I had to take my oldest to his gig as part of the orchestra for the high school play and as I stepped out of the front door I heard a very sharp sound that is is not typically heard...anywhere. I looked at my son and asked, "What was that!?" and we listened again. Then there was some loud speaker announcement from around the corner (which was ever weirder) so we dismissed the first sound as part of that.

When I got home, I heard it again and it hit me. The Barred Owl chicks are calling! As I mentioned, the last check of the nest found them missing. Now I hear one overhead. It took a long time to track it down and the Sun was setting, but I was finally able to locate one of the chicks.

Barred Owl

In my mind, I pictured a perfect shot of the owlets once they emerged. Not to be. This one is at the top of our oaks and shows no signs of leaving that spot. I tried different angles but that one was the best. I would have to wait until the morning for at least a little light.

Come sun-up, I had to relocate the owlet by its voice and finally found a spot to see it clearer. This shot will have to do for now.

Barred Owl

Cute little fuzz ball. But this is only one. Where is the other? I will have to keep my eyes open. My feeling is that the other owlet went with the father while this one stayed with Mom. Owls are very territorial and perhaps they are already establishing guidelines.

For now, I watch the ones in the yard and then explore more in the future. Happy, at least, to have this young one overhead.

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Pam said...

Congrats on your capture of this adorable owlet, Drew.