Saturday, September 10, 2011

Momma Returns

I swung through Greenwood Cemetery on the way home and found that the female Bald Eagle has returned to join the male found last week.

Bald Eagle

Um...yay! Should be a new brood starting soon. Fall is here!!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Bald Eagle Back at the Cemetery

Sorry for the lack of posts but there has not been much of anything happening around here during the last few weeks. Even our banding results have been very low. So, just a quick post for today to get September started.

We had a dismal day at the banding site. One Red-eyed Vireo. That's it! Seems Tropical Storm Lee cause current migrating birds to circle west through Texas. Sigh. Not that early September it super busy for us. That will come next month.

I did find at least one interesting sighting of note, though. On the way home I decided to swing through the cemetery to see if I could hear any warblers. Nothing. Tons of Northern Mockingbirds and Starlings instead. But up in the pines...

Bald Eagle

One of the Bald Eagles has returned! I haven't seen them since their last brood fledged and they left before the Summer.

Time to start Eagle Watch and prepare for the big push of Fall migrants!