Thursday, April 12, 2012

Indigo Bunting-YES!

If you have been following along for a while you know I have been trying to get a clear shot of one of the Indigo Buntings that have been in the yard and getting more blue every day. Today was the day.

I was doing dishes and noticed one of the buntings actually trying to push aside the Mourning Doves from the kitchen-side feeder. The light made it absolutely glow. I bolted for the camera. I knew it would be another shot through the screen but, man, it was so gorgeous. Best I could manage was this shot.

Indigo Bunting

The doves would not give up their spots so the bird flew off to the back of the yard. Dishes would have to wait. I stepped out back and saw two blue specs vanish into the shrubs. By the time I got there all I could find was a newly fledged female Cardinal hiding in the shadows. Not the Indigos but still a good discovery.

Northern Cardinal

Suddenly, two streaks headed to the next yard. The Indigos were headed toward the owl tree. I circled the house and made it there to find both birds in a Tallow tree but they were watching me. By the time I was getting close enough for a shot they headed back into my yard. Grrrr... Since I was there, I checked the owl nest. No babies inside! They must have left it very recently. Hmmmm...

I scanned the side yard to see if the buntings would head back to the kitchen-side feeders. Only a Red-winged Blackbird (signs that their babies are hatching) and a female Cardinal were there.

Northern Cardinal

Wait! The buntings are over on the frog tray feeder. I knew I couldn't approach from the open neighbor's yard so back around the house I went. I heard doves returning on their whistling wings so I crept slowly into the backyard. When dove spook they scare everything away.

I leaned slowly out from behind the shed. A Mourning Dove was on the frog tray feeder and just in front of it...CLICK!

Indigo Bunting

Two seconds later and the bunting flew off to the back shrubs again but I knew I had my shot! I did stare wistfully out back after dishes were done and there was a lot of activity the rest of the day but the only other good shot I could get was a hunting Dragonfly. Yellow-sided Skimmer, I think.


What a relief to finally get a shot of the Indigo Bunting after all these months. Now I can turn my mind to other things. Like where those baby owls went...

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Pam said...

I am green with envy. Beautiful shots, Drew.