Friday, April 26, 2013

Lake Davis Walk

Well, the van is in the shop. Again. At least the nice folks we use offer to take me home to wait instead of sitting in their tiny office for too long. I have them drop me off at the lake so I can at least get in a little birding before going all the way home. Today turned out to be well worth it.

I was just speaking to Gail, a fellow local birder, earlier in the morning that I was surprised by how few shorebirds were around this season. I had only seen one Solitary Sandpiper and one Lesser Yellowlegs a month ago. I remembered there were a couple Black-necked Stilts and there are always Killdeer but that was it. As I walked around the lake I finally found a Spotted Sandpiper.

Spotted Sandpiper

There were a couple Spotted Sandpipers last year but this is the only one so far. Unfortunately, it was very twitchy and would just begin flying anytime anyone walked down the sidewalk before finally heading to the far side of the lake. A welcome sight, nonetheless.

Spotted Sandpiper

I continued walking and soon discovered a Mallard and her ducklings.


A few yards away, a male Wood Duck prepared to settle in for a nap in the sunshine.

Wood Duck

Nearby, a remaining Mute Swan preened in the swallow water. What was a few yards away, however, really captured my attention.

Mute Swan

A juvenile American White Pelican was also preening in mostly shade. I was not expecting that! We have had a lot of pelicans this season. Last year we had one briefly and this year has seen as many as 16 at a time. Weird.

American White Pelican

Finally, a female Wood Duck guarded her ducklings down near the reeds. Baby ducks are all over the place right now.

Wood Duck

Despite the stress over the van, I can take a little joy home with me. After all, if the problem was not there I would have missed some awesome birds.

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