Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gray Catbird

Just take a moment to enjoy the beauty of a Gray Catbird. Usually they are a shadow in the shrubs giving out a soft mew that gives them their name. Other times they are a streak of gray from bush to bush. Even more fun is when they are hiding and rolling out their quiet whispered song for minutes at a time. Almost always in the shade.

Today, while I was checking on the owls, this bird that has been Wintering in our backyard flew up into the sunlight for a brief time. How can I resist?

Gray Catbird

I have banded thousands of Gray Catbirds over the years so you think I would be 'over' them but they do have a charm about them. This shot reminded me of the first one I ever saw. It was at Split Oak Mitigation near the Orlando Airport. I was hiking and up popped this new bird to me. Right on a stump in the sunlight. I never forgot that rufus undertail.

Meanwhile, out at Lake Lancaster, a mother Wood Duck stands with her new ducklings. I hope she is watchful of all the raptors that are around.

Wood Duck

Still waiting for more warblers.

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