Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Dearth Of Warblers

This Spring has really been slow for warblers in my neck of the woods. Some have been reported at Mead Garden and over on the west coast but very few have been moving through where I usually check. I did find a Blackpoll Warbler at Lake Lancaster first thing in the morning so I swung back around on the way home.

The only things really making a fuss were the Great Blue Herons across the lake on there annual roost trees where many large chicks pester the parents for food.

Great Blue Heron

One adult finally says, "I'm outta here!".

Great Blue Heron

An Osprey glided past as I scanned the trees and shoreline.


Below the heron rookery, a Muscovy Duck tended to her newly hatched ducklings.

Muscovy Duck

Finally, I found a pair of male American Redstarts. They were very fast and hard to get shots of but at least there was something.

American Redstart

But that was it. Hopefully, the Yellow Warblers will arrive soon and I can get some great shots to go along with last years photos.

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