Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dawn Barred Owls

See, here is my problem. I have a very short time to look for the Barred Owls in the morning and it is always right before and at dawn right now. I can easily locate them by ear and then my eyes have adjusted to see them. The camera struggles a bit more as they usually are in the oaks with the first light just shining behind them from my angles. Photos look like this.

Barred Owl

So, I have to jump into Photoshop and process the heck out of them so you can a least see a bit better that Momma is tearing apart a rodent to feed to baby.

Barred Owl

I could never find a shot around those darned branches today but it is nice to have them stick around. I have seen Momma bring in food 3 days straight.

Barred Owl

Now if I could be home in the daylight to capture it.

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