Monday, May 21, 2012

Walking Lake Davis

Following my walk around Greenwood Wetlands (yesterday's post) I headed over to Lake Davis. Didn't expect too much but I had heard about a nest with eggs so I thought I would check it out. As soon as I exited the van I heard and saw a very busy Northern Parula.

Northern Parula

Along the shoreline a Tri-colored Heron kept pace with me and stopped in front of me several times. Perhaps it want its photo taken? Oh, alright.

Tri-colored Heron

Speaking of Tri-colored Herons, I spotted a trio of chicks over on the island. I could get no closer and zooming in in Photoshop makes me think that they are heron chicks. Hmmm...

Tri-colored Heron

I look to my left and a small flock of Rock Doves (Or are they back to Pigeons again? Still Rock Doves to me.) struts along the sand.

Rock Dove

I am surprised to still be finding American Coots around. Found two today. They are usually Winter birds for us. One year we had one bird that remained at Lake Davis year round and I don't know why more do not.

American Coot

Up ahead, a male Anhinga dries its wings in the Sun and tells me, "Close enough..."


Most of the way around the lake now and I find the introduced flock of Chinese Geese. They usually hink and approach you but today this one just sat calmly near the sidewalk? Could this be where the eggs are? Seems like an odd place to lay eggs.

Chinese Goose

No. I find one near the water and as I look under a Cypress tree I see many more. Though that doesn't look like a good set-up for a nest. Someone or something must have scattered them. Guess we won't have goslings around this year.

Chinese Goose

Finally, my tour is about complete. The last bird to strike a pose is a single European Starling foraging around the lake. Though a non-native species, I do admire their colorful feathers from time to time.

European Starling

Been quite a while since I walked the whole perimeter of the lake. Bird life is still going strong.

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