Friday, May 18, 2012

Purple Martins

There was a report of Black-necked Stilts over at Baldwin Park so I decided to head over to see if they were still around. Then the rain hit. Didn't see any stilts but I returned the next day to look again. No luck. They have flown on. What else is here?

Not a whole lot but around the edge of the retention pond there were a couple of Mourning Doves and for some reason I took a shot. Probably because I have so many shots of them on feeders I thought it would be nice to have a more natural background. When I looked at the shot later on I realized something else. Notice the feather pattern? Scaled, not smooth. That makes it a young dove.

Mourning Dove

I headed back to the van since there were no stilts and noticed that there is a new Purple Martin house near the street (a bit too close to a busy street if you ask me) and Martins flying around. The house oriented North/South making the East/West path of the Sun perfect for ruining photos. I will have to get back when it is a totally different time of day.

Purple Martin

I tried my luck on the other side. Plenty signs of occupation but no birds coming or going from this side.

Purple Martin

Back on the more shaded side I noticed a yellow shape at the entrance of one apartment. I thought the bird might actually be dead since it wasn't moving. Until a few minutes later. Then I could see a couple chicks waiting for a meal.

Purple Martin

At the other end of the house, more chicks.

Purple Martin

Can't wait for making some extra time to get clearer shots in the near future.

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