Sunday, May 06, 2012

Owl on a Hot TIn Roof

OK. Not hot and not tin. Still odd. I was putting my gear in the van for banding in the morning. I looked behind me for some reason and noticed that the owlet was on the neighbor's porch roof? Wha?

Barred Owl

It seemed very nervous. It was calling for Momma and looking back and forth at the slightest movement of tree branches or bird fly overs. I wonder if it had ever been this out in the open before and what brought it to the roof in the first place. I took a few shots and watched it move higher to the roof's peak.

Barred Owl

A few minutes later and it flew to an oak tree a few meters away. I think this is where it was hanging out for a few days last week. It was still very nervous and still calling.

Barred Owl

I had to head to the store but when I returned it was still on the branch and Momma was nearby feeding it. So, all is well. Still wonder what spooked our owl, though.


Amy said...

Wow, that baby Barred Owl is so dark! Have you observed it since this post? I wonder if it will age into a darker adult bird?

J. Andrew Boyle said...

Hey, Amy.

It left my area a few weeks ago and then a fellow birder found it and Momma down the road a few blocks at the wetlands.

It was still that dark then. I will keep searching when I can.