Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Walking Baldwin Park

I keep trying to remember to get over to Baldwin Park. It was this time last year that I found young birds all around the neighborhood. It seems that nesting might have started later this year. Or earlier. Whatever. I found no babies today. I did find some interesting adult birds, though.

A pair of Northern Mockingbirds were making weird movements above the shrubs. They would hop up and down and then do their foraging wing postures giving them a "bring it on!" pose.

Northern Mockingbird

The main attraction for me was trying to find any Purple Martins. It took a while but one of the feeding adults came into view, twittering away. One of those fast moving subjects that take many tries to get a shot of in flight.

Purple Martin

For the first time ever, for me, one of the Purple Martins landed on top of a pine tree. I have shots of them flying and on Martin houses but until now I had none in a more natural setting. This bird preened up there for 20 minutes and let me walk pretty close to the tree.

Purple Martin

Closer to the pond on my right, a female Red-winged Blackbird popped up and was making sure I was not a threat and kindly posed on a Canna.

Red-winged Blackbird

I had seen Mourning and Eurasian Collared-Doves in may spots around the neighborhood but on the tree behind the Martin was a larger dove. A White-winged Dove was walking back and forth along the branches but did not fly off like they normally do. I bet there is a nest nearby but I didn't want to stress the bird if that was the case so I got my shot and moved away to wait for Martins at the house.

White-winged Dove

10 minutes later a pair of Purple Martins circled and then both came down to the shaded side of the house. They have one compartment for themselves but I could not see any babies in any of the apartments.

Purple Martin

I had seen the male that was on the pine tree come down and land of the sunny side so after the pair flew off to feed I made my way around the shrubs to view the bird in better light. he was sitting in the sunshine but had emerged from an apartment he has picked out.

Purple Martin

He must have been sleepy. He yawned several times.

Purple Martin

He would then survey the area in all directions and I left him still sitting there and headed home.

Purple Martin

I will have to check back a little later to see if any new young are around. Maybe on Memorial Day.

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