Saturday, May 25, 2013

Back at Baldwin Park

I had to hit the bank on this Saturday. Darn. That means I will need to stop by the Purple Martins. Darn.

When I got there the birds were out feeding but I did get a visit by the Northern Mockingbirds one by one.

Northern Mockingbird

I walked over to where I saw a White-winged Dove last time but could not find it again. Instead, a few Common Grackles flew down to the grass and I tried to get closer for some shots. I love getting shots of Grackles when they are lit up in the sunlight. Usually it is blues and purples but today I got a more golden sheen.

Common Grackle

I saw a few more Common Grackles along the edge of the shrubs and palms. Suddenly, I realized these were babies! A minute later, the adult hopped over and fed one of the fledglings.

Common Grackle

Closer to me, the other youngster kept in the shade before catching up to the family. I can't recall seeing juvenile Common Grackles before. Fun.

Common Grackle

Back at the apartments, a few male Purple Martins flew in and were soon joined by a female. They preened and headed back out to feed.

Purple Martin

I still don't see any babies yet. I had to wait for the Sun to break through the clouds to get another shot of one of the males.

Purple Martin

Guess since there were no babies in the apartments I will have to return to check for young birds next chance I get. Fine by me.

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