Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Birds

Time for our Memorial Day get together. Time to remember those that fight for our freedom and spend some family activities. Flags were flying all over the neighborhood.

Memorial Day Flag

Most of the boys wanted to hit the local swimming pool and I was asked tag along.

The Boys

Of course, I was going along to check out the local birds. A Great Blue Heron was first spotted at the water's edge.

Great Blue Heron

Just before the pool, a male Anhinga dried out just beyond the reeds.


I could hear baby Downy Woodpeckers in a tree nearby. The adults were out gathering food so I couldn't get a shot of them. Soon, I discovered a Red-bellied Woodpecker using another nest hole near the Downy nest.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Back under the oaks, a juvenile Red-bellied Woodpecker called to an adult that quickly flew in and delivered a meal.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Out at the dock, a Four-spotted Pennant rested just over the water.

Four-spotted Pennant

Not too far away, I attempted a shot of Pickerel Weed and a Bee.

Pickerel and Bee

I staked out a spot to sit and try for a Downy Woodpecker shot. Instead, a Great Egret flew in and began the hunt. Eventually, it nabbed a snack.

Great Egret

I walked closer to get a better view of the Egret but it flew off. I was left with a view of a Two-striped Forceptail.

Two-striped Forceptail

Back near the dock, a Sulpher Butterfly sampled the muddy areas.

Sulpher Butterfly

A single stalk of Water Hyacinth was in bloom in the full sunlight.

Water Hyacinth

I was getting shots of a Needham's Skimmer when I heard a familiar sound. A Barred Owl adult was calling back past the dock. Had to abandon my dragonflies. Had too...

Needham's Skimmer

While searching the branches for the owl, a Great-crested Flycatcher flew by in hot pursuit of some tasty insects and then flew off.

Great-crested Flycatcher

I knew I was in the right spot for the owl but it was difficult to find. I soon heard the raspy call of a young Barred Owl. I changed my path and just then the adult flew out past me and landed in a nearby tree.

Barred Owl

It only took a couple more minutes to find the baby. It was deeper in the trees.

Barred Owl

The kids were done swimming and we had to get back to fire up the grill. Not a bad tally for a fairly short time of birding.


Mary said...

Wow, you just step out your door and both see and capture "on film" these amazing birds?!?! So much for my quick check on Google images to see barred owl pictures to compare with the sweet "little" one I saw in my yard tonight.... Thanks to you, I'll be hooked to my I-Pad much later than I should tonight, checking out all your pictures!! Thanks for sharing; these are great!

J. Andrew Boyle said...

You are very welcome.

Thank you!