Sunday, May 26, 2013

This Year's Conjunction

When not chasing the birds I do stare at the sky. Right now, the attention is to the conjunction. of 3 planets. Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus. Problem with sky watching in Florida, especially as Summer approaches, is clouds. Makes it difficult to even see the night sky at times.

I headed to the local store parking garage and hoped for a break in the clouds and was rewarded with a brief view just after sunset.


The following night was to be the closest the three planets would be during this conjunction. Again, I had to wait out the clouds and shoot through the gaps.


There is a rock and gravel processing plant just down the street and the large lights stay on all night. You can see a series of pillars from the light on the right of this shot.


The planets will continue to dance together for a while and appear as a pretty straight line by the end of the week. More clouds are in the forecast but I will try again then.

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