Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Relocated Barred Owlet

I got an email from birding friend Gail Becker. She got a shot of something out at Greenwood Wetlands. A young Barred Owl. Looks a lot like my Maggie.

Barred Owl

In case you haven't followed all the owlet adventures the past two years, Greenwood seems to be the favorite place the Barred Owls go after using a dead tree by the house to raise the next brood. Good to know I have other friends looking out for our babies. I will have to make some time to go by to see her soon.

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Robert Stalnaker said...

You have many cool photos here, Andrew. My guide book does not show the eye colors and blue border for the White-winged Dove like your great image does. You caught a lot of these birds in some fun poses.