Friday, June 29, 2012

Work Birds

Work is crazy busy right now. Still doesn't keep me from staring out the large window right in front of me and 'birding' as I work. Makes me a little jumpy, though.

One thing I have been trying to confirm here is that Least Terns could be nesting atop one of the buildings here in the complex of industrial buildings. A couple days ago I found a happy sight right after work. I was always thinking the birds might be on a certain rooftop but that night I found a flock of terns circling and landing on the roof across the street! At last I had a confirmation and a single Least Tern flew over my smiling face.

Least Tern

A few minutes later, as I headed out towards home, a Killdeer stood on the grass next to a very full ditch. The rain was stopped for now but the area was about flooded. This is the first Killdeer I have seen here. Wonder where they might be nesting?


Another surprise this week was the small flock of Common Nighthawks that began zig-zagging past the buildings. Very exciting. Made me leap from my chair and try for some shots. Man, they are fast.

Common Nighthawk

It is all I could do to even get a bird in focus in the distance. I loved hearing them calling as they pick off insects before drifting out of sight.

Common Nighthawk

All kind of interesting birds fly by to break up the grind and it's not often one can bird in the air-conditioning. These days, that is very enjoyable.

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