Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let There Be Lightning!

Before I was chasing birds, I was always chasing lightning. Quite natural when you grow up in Florida. I have been trying to get a good shots of lightning since high school. Those good ol' days when you think not even such powers can, ya know, kill you. Back then it was all 35mm and trying to time things right. Sometimes I got lucky.

Now we have digital and can click away without much fear of running out of film at the wrong time. There is still the fear of getting hit so I look for spots that are safer. When I can. Last year was a bust, storm-wise. The storms were lacking bolts or when they did have some to show I was usually eating dinner and had no time to get to a good vantage point. Tonight? A strong storm approached and I had 15 minutes to spare.

I grabbed the camera, tripod, and keys and rushed over to Lake Cherokee hoping to beat the downpour. I arrived with sprinkles falling and the winds gusting. I barely had time to set up the gear but I did the best I could under the conditions. I got a few strikes. But as you can see in water of this shot, the wind was blowing so hard I had to hold the camera and tripod so there is some shake in the images.


That is downtown Orlando in the background. A nice backdrop. This is where I often go to get a clear view near the house. This bolt actually pulsed three times down the same path towards the ground.


One more shot before the real rain hits. I like the darker feel to it.


Kids: Don't stand in the open with a tripod on a metal grate next to lake trying to get lightning shots. Leave that to us idiots...

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