Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Mead Garden HIke

I had a few minutes to do a bit of birding so I drove over to Mead Garden in Winter Park to see if anything was stirring. Not much. It was way too quiet for my tastes. At least the rains have returned and the water flowing in from Lake Sue has brought back some life to the once dry creek.


Even the young Northern Cardinals were seldom seen or calling as they foraged in the shadows.

Northern Cardinal

I wanted to see how much water was flowing a bit farther up the creek. As I peered over the side of the new retaining wall I found a nice surprise. A large Soft-shelled Turtle was apparently digging a nest on the creek bank.

Soft-shelled Turtle

These turtles do not come out of the water too often so it was fun to get a real close look. I always love those eyes and snout.

Soft-shelled Turtle

Farther down the creek where I found the immature Lubber Grasshoppers the last time I was here revealed that most have gone through their final molt into adulthood.

Lubber Grasshopper

Not even the batch of Mockingbirds I enjoyed watching on my last visit were out. Instead, I had to try for a dragonfly shot. This nervous Golden-winged Skimmer would never give me a head-on view but it is pretty just the same.

Golden-winged Skimmer

Up in the butterfly garden more insects buzzed along but I was more drawn to the Gallardia blooms, some already going to seed.


No real birds to take photos of but there is always something to discover out in the wilds of Winter Park. Just have to take a little stroll.


Robert Stalnaker said...

Andy, the banding experience was great and I can't wait for us to restart that again. You have incredible photos on your blogs. Outstanding photography. Bob Stalnaker

J. Andrew Boyle said...

Thanks, Bob. Already can't wait to get back out to banding.