Saturday, June 02, 2012

Playing the Shape Game

I had to work today but took a few seconds to swing by a retention pond near the office beforehand. We had just had a bunch of rain in the area so the water levels are finally getting back to a more normal height. I didn't see any interesting birds except for an American Coot still hanging around.

Then, at the far end of the pond near the creek entrance, I spotted a shape I know all too well. Really? Here? Well, it is Florida. A 6-foot American Alligator was cruising the dark waters near the shore.

American Alligator

On the way home, I swung around Lake Lancaster and got to play the Shape Game again. A small speck flashed across the lake and was headed to a sandbar in the center of the lake. I could tell by the shape that this was my Spotted Sandpiper. Binoculars and a distant shot confirm it.

Spotted Sandpiper

Won't be much shore left for this shorebird for long. Nice to find it this late in the season.

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