Thursday, September 05, 2013

Signs of More Migration

What would we find a Mead Garden today? Well, on my first loop out around the pond I discovered a fairly friendly Anhinga up on one of the snags.


Down at the water's surface, a turtle does a little yoga on a log.


On the other snag, a White Ibis relaxes and preened.

White Ibis

A slow walk around the boardwalk produced the Northern Waterthrush that has been hanging out for a while.

Northern Waterthrush

Just as the Waterthrush flew off, a female Common Yellowthroat emerged from the opposite side and hunted around in front of us. This is the first sighting of a Yellowthroat here for the season. Migration continues to pick up.

Common Yellowthroat

Back in the butterfly garden we finally heard the flock of Titmice. Not much else was traveling with them today.

Tufted Titmouse

I headed back to the van and when we rounded the corner behind the amphitheater the pond-side White Ibis was now perched over the stream. Love those baby blue eyes.

White Ibis

Nice to see a few more warblers this morning. Shouldn't be long before the next wave of migrants arrives.


Wally Jones said...

I enjoyed your walk around Mead Garden!
Looks like the migrants are slowly starting to trickle into our area.
Now, if we could just get a little breeze to go with the humidity!

Just found your blog and look forward to reviewing older posts and anticipating new ones.

Stay cool -- Wally, Lakeland, FL

J. Andrew Boyle said...

Thanks, Wally. Still a couple more posts to catch up on and then the real migration begins!