Monday, September 02, 2013

Prairie Warbler Poses at Mead Garden

Despite the overall quiet around the garden these days, at least we can often count on the locals to be around. The Barred Owls have been sticking around the nest site most every morning.

Barred Owl

We were looking for Waterthrushes (there were none) but there was some new purple in the wet areas.


Out by the wooden bridge on the pond we were busy looking at Red-eyed Vireos. Suddenly, a male Prairie Warbler glided in to the low plants and fed for a while.

Prairie Warbler

Speaking of Red-eyed Vireos, I am still trying to get a good shot for the season. This one is in full view but not much in focus.

Red-eyed Vireo

We will keep on grinding. More migrants are almost here. Really.

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Robert Stalnaker said...

I too have had trouble hearing, seeing and certainly then photographing Red-eyed Vireos in 2013. For me, last year they were plentiful.