Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Common Yellowthroat and Box Turtle

We have to stop coming out to Mead Garden. We keep hoping for something special but we know there is not going to be any real birding fun until the end of the month. Masochists. Optimists.

Today was another example. All I could find were a couple of Common Yellowthroats, both feeding in the same area by the boardwalk.

Common Yellowthroat

This juvenile male was doing a fine job plucking bugs out of the air. Common Yellowthroats are becoming the most seen warbler in the gardens but that is typical this time of year.

Common Yellowthroat

Marcus and I headed back through the butterfly garden and nearly tripped over the Box Turtle just sitting next to the archway.

Box Turtle

At least it was something new. I took a few more shots of the turtle and then continued toward home. Maybe I will try another park tomorrow.

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