Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Latest LaCosta Wetlands Sightings

Back to check out LaCosta with fingers crossed. Has to be something out there. Right? Well, a little. Just across the first bridge I spotted a Prairie Warbler bouncing from branch to branch.

Prairie Warbler

While I was trying to get a good angle on the Prairie Warbler I noticed another warbler deeper in the shadows. A male American Redstart was moving faster, but lower than the Prairie Warbler, after bugs.

American Redstart

That was the end of the migrants, though. The rest of the trek around the place was filled with local birds as usual. Still, it is always fun to see juvenile Northern Mockingbirds hanging around in the shrubs.

Northern Mockingbird

Back in the parking lot I was greeted by an adult Northern Mockingbird singing loudly on the wires.

Northern Mockingbird

Nearby, a Loggerhead Shrike flew in to scan the area for its next meal.

Loggerhead Shrike

A little excitement. I could stand a little more.

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