Sunday, September 15, 2013

Near Misses

Busy, busy, busy. Life keeps on rolling while the photos pile up. Not a lot this week but a few near misses worth mentioning before they fall through the cracks.

First off, my last walk through Mead Garden didn't reveal too much bird activity. In fact, if I hadn't glanced up after crossing the bridge I would have totally missed the White Ibis framed in blue.

White Ibis

Two days later found me returning home after taking my oldest to school. If I had not paid attention I would have missed another bird. A Belted Kingfisher was resting on the fallen tree in Lake Emerald. Glad to have them back for the Winter.

Belted Kingfisher

Today, I took a swing through Palm Cemetery after our morning of banding at Lake Lotus. It was also very quiet there. Well, it is a cemetery. My last near miss was a new bird species for me this season. If it wouldn't have darted out for a bug I would have totally not seen this Eastern Wood-Pewee.

Eastern Wood-Pewee

My first thought was that it was an early Eastern Phoebe. I think an Eastern Wood-Pewee is better for now. I watched it for a while before heading home.

Eastern Wood-Pewee

It pays to be attentive to all of your surroundings even during simple routines in the day. Makes me wonder how much more is actually around me that I never see.

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