Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twilight Wilson's Snipe

I took my usual drive around to check on the duck situation this evening but I was more surprised by another bird as night closed in. In the retention pond next to the church were a few Mallards and Wood Ducks. Once I tallied them up I began to walk to the larger pond and was stopped in my tracks by a shape down near the water in front of me. In the twilight, I could make out the shape of my first of the season Wilson's Snipe.

Wilson's Snipe

I had to focus through the chain link fence that surrounds the pond but that fence probably kept that bird from flushing too quickly. Snipe tend to fly away when approached, often before you get to spot them. Using the flash would have lit up the fence so I am glad I got even these shots in the near dark.

Wilson's Snipe

I can't recall seeing Snipe here in town. They are usually in more marshy areas and remain out of sight. When this bird did finally fly across the pond, another flew up to join it! So, two Wilson's Snipe in O-Town tonight. Sweet!

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