Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Missed Palm Warblers

As the Fall season moves along and the temperatures fluctuate from warm to cool to warm my mind wonders, "Where the heck are those Palm Warblers?!" Seems like they should have been here by now. So far, I have only seen a few of them at a time. In the past, it felt like they got here earlier. Today would prove they are back. In force.

I took a quick jaunt over to the LaCosta Wetlands, mainly to see if any ducks were arriving over there. I was told by a regular visitor that there are usually a lot of ducks that hang out in the Winter. I found exactly none today. However, I did find a rather elegant Snowy Egret wading in the water at the back of the property.

Snowy Egret

Just after I took a few shots of the Egret I noticed some bird activity just up the way. Seems a small flock of Western Palm Warblers were finding insects along the waterway and in a small tree. Probably the biggest flock I have seen to date.

Western Palm Warbler

So, they are around in increasing numbers. To prove that point, as I headed to the grocery store in the evening I found myself basically surrounded by flocks of Palm Warblers at nearly every turn! They were hopping across every lawn and grassy area right outside the van window.

Western Palm Warbler

It always amazes me that there is so much food scattered along every branch and under every blade of grass. Birds find it effortlessly.

Western Palm Warbler

What can decorate a newly mowed lawn any better that a cute little warbler?

Western Palm Warbler

I am so glad they are back. I enjoy watching those tail feathers bobbing up and down and seeing them rise in small waves from the ground into the low branches when I round a curve.

Western Palm Warbler

Of course, now I can't wait for the Myrtle Warblers to follow close behind!

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