Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Cruising

Just going to a couple spots I haven't stopped by in a while. First, I need to check on the Yellow Warblers I found yesterday near the lake. They are still there but still in the shade. Just can't get them out on the edges and my flash just won't work for now.

Yellow Warbler

Last month I posted about a Muscovy family walking between the lakes. Looks like the predators have been busy. Where there were once nine ducklings then I can only find one remaining. It is getting pretty big, though, so maybe it will make it to adulthood.

Muscovy Duck

I decided to head over to Demetree Park to see if any warbler were enjoying the short boardwalk they have there. Seemed pretty quiet when I arrived but I did chat with an Anole for a quick minute before heading on.


Next to the main lake stood a Wood Stork who was not too sure about my intentions.

Wood Stork

There were a few warblers along the boardwalk like Common Yellowthroats and I did find my first Black-throated Blue Warbler of the season. Red-eyed Vireos called along the treetops. However, I was a tad more interested in another bird down in the creek. A wind-blown Green Heron.

Green Heron

Hard as I tried, I could not get a side angle on this bird that did not include those pesky branches. It was so intent on hunting that even when I walked back and forth, crouched down low, or leaned out over the rail it did not even pay me one second of thought. I can live with the branches in the way. Love that stare.

Green Heron

Off to La Costa Wetlands to see if any ducks had found a resting spot there. There was not much around, actually. Even the locals were scarce here. A few Chimney Swifts chirped overhead and a Cooper's Hawk was chattering in the Cypress trees. But ducks? Not yet.

Rain was moving in so I picked up my step and moved back toward the van. Just before the last bridge, a family of Northern Mockingbirds chased one another around the palms and holly trees. I managed to get a juvenile peeking around its lunch. Birds love these berries and I hope to find a lot of species in this park this Fall and Winter.

Northern Mockingbird

A small mix today. Fronts are still deciding where to go. Not complaining as they have been responsible for guiding tropical storms away from us this year. Counting down to Fall.

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