Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hangin' Around the Tiki Room

I was looking for something in the archive a few days ago and noticed that last year I had Bald Eagles returning in September. For some reason I thought it was October! So, I need to make some tours of the cemetery. When I got over there I found one bird in the pine just like all the previous Falls.

Bald Eagle

I bring up the Tiki room because looking at these photos reminds me of those clicking, clacking mechanical birds in the The Enchanted Tiki Room down the road at Disney. Seeing that large, waxy-looking bill and unblinking eyes while the bird seems to pant in the afternoon heat just makes this bird look unreal.

Bald Eagle

But, the Tiki Room songs never started and the bird eventually turned all the way around on the branch. Guess it is real, afterall. Now we wait for the second part of the pair to arrive and then we go on baby watch. Yay!

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