Saturday, September 08, 2012

Get That Cat Outta Here!

Different time of day to check on the Teals but I wanted to see the place in better light. As expected, there was only a couple of Teal but not much else here around midday. In the smaller pond there were a couple of Wood Ducks in alternate (non-breeding) plumage.

Wood Duck

Near the shore of the bigger pond was a Little Blue Heron. A Snowy Egret was up on the railing that surrounds the drain. A few Mallards hung out in the center of the lake.

Little Blue Heron

Suddenly, the peaceful scene was exploded by the shriek of the Snowy Egret just as I was taking the shots of the heron. I glanced up to see a flash of white and then noticed something that really surprised me. A cat was all the way out on the railing!


That rail is only an inch wide and smooth. Couldn't believe the cat was keeping balance after an attempt at the egret. The Snowy made it away safely and flew over to join the Little Blue.

Snowy Egret

A little unexpected excitement for the day.

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