Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Prairie Warbler Flashes into View

I headed over to Mead Garden for a trip through in search of any migrants. For the most part I was disappointed. A Mockingbird here. A Brown Trasher there... Sigh.

I was heading out after an hour and finally saw a flash bolt into an oak. I had to work my way around the structures near the butterfly garden and I finally could tell it was a migrant. A Prairie Warbler. Jumping into photo-mode I tried to anticipate which direction the feeding track would take it.

The bird chased an insect through the branches and, surprisingly, the path took it about a foot over my head. The warbler grabbed the bug and took it to a lower limb nearby. I got out to a good angle for my few seconds of clicking.

Prairie Warbler

Yes! In the open and in the Sun. Then it was off and so was I. Almost makes me forget how dead the rest of the morning was.

Kinda like golf. A whole bunch of disappointment is erased after a single good play. Weird how that happens.

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