Friday, July 13, 2012

Sandhill Crane Family

I knew they had to be here somewhere.

I used to work about a mile from my current office beginning in 1994 and over the years there I would occasionally see Sandhill Cranes wandering through the parking lot, usually with chicks in tow. Seems they are still making a living here after all this time. On the way home today, I found another family group in the same area I have found Turkey earlier in the year.

I spotted the family as I made the turn but couldn't get any focus through the windshield so I tried to get the windows down and slow to a crawl. With the zoom lens on, all I could manage were some tight close-ups by then. I was trying to focus on the colt, what you call young cranes, but Dad was very weary of me. He gave me the warning eye.

Sandhill Crane

Then Mom strode by shielding the colt.

Sandhill Crane

Being so close, it was all I could do to try and get a full body shot in the frame but this one will do. A very healthy looking youngster.

Sandhill Crane

I quickly drove up to the next open spot and turned around in hopes of a full view. The cranes worked their way around the small pond and past me again. The light was from the side but it still makes for a pretty picture.

Sandhill Crane

Still amazes me that these birds find a place to breed in this area full of development. There are still a few remaining marshy areas here next to Shingle Creek and it seems to suit them just fine. For now.

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