Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Morning, Barred Owl

Finally got myself out of bed in time to get over to the wetlands just after sunrise. Look who was already there. Gail. She said she saw one of the Barred Owl right near the bridge but we couldn't relocate it quickly. She showed me where a Red-bellied Woodpecker nest hole was before heading off. I could hear the chicks but none came up far enough for a shot. I have to remember to check back soon.

On my way back to the parking lot, the Jays began to alert. Blue Jays are great at finding predators and once they find one they alert the whole neighborhood. I followed their calls to the cypress trees and soon found one of the Barred Owls on a limb over the lakeside creek entrance.

Barred Owl

It was busy hunting and only looked at me twice. That first flashed version is OK. The light was low. I held steady and shot without it. My youngest prefers this shot, though I keep noticing the missing foot as he was adjusting his weight.

Barred Owl

But I probably like it better, anyway. Off to work!

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Tina said...

May I have permission to use these photos as reference photos for an oil painting. Amateur artist