Monday, December 10, 2012

Redheads at Dusk

Oh, I planned on getting some better shots.

I was on my way to the store and the sun was setting but there was plenty of light to scan for the Redhead ducks. I had just stopped and figured I would check out the larger flocks floating off shore figuring the birds would be there. Instead, I was surprised to see that they were by themselves right next to where I parked.

I hopped out to get a quick shot but was interrupted by a couple walking their dogs.

Redhead Duck

They said, "Oh, are you here to take photos of the hurt swan?" Wha...? They expressed concern since the swan was feeding in the water but its foot was held out above the water. Must be injured, they assumed.

Redhead Duck

My old Sea World tour guide computer switched back in gear and I had to explain that swans (as well as seals and sea lions) regulate body temperature by rafting, the process of holding an appendage out of the water to either warm or cool the blood flowing through it and that changes the internal body temperature of the animal. The swan was fine, I said, but I would keep an eye on it tomorrow.

Redhead Duck

I managed to pass on some knowledge but missed any good light. Oh, well. Always another opportunity tomorrow. Maybe.

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