Friday, December 28, 2012

Other Birds of Anna Maria Island

The day after Christmas wasn't spent all on Razorbill photos despite the tons of them in the last post. While trying to get in position for the sea birds I did pass many other species along the beach line. Some of which were surprisingly unafraid as I walked back and forth. Right after the Sun came up there was a small flock of birds below the City Pier which included a Black-bellied Plover.

Black-bellied Plover

Along with the Plover, several Sanderlings were busy probing the sand for food.


When the Razorbills began hearding fish along the small jetty by the piers the Pelicans would begin to line up and wait for a chance to take advantage of the easy pickin's.

Brown Pelican

Once they spot a lot of fish bunched up they would jockey for position and dive for a snack. Surprised they didn't scoop up a Razorbill.

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelicans, Laughing Gulls and a Double-crested Cormorant joined in the feast as the Razorbills scurry for cover in the background.

Brown Pelican and Laughing Gull

Just because, here is a closer view of a Laughing Gull.

Laughing Gull

Half-way between the piers I discovered a little Christmas display tucked in the grass. Kinda odd but pretty.

Christmas display

I was heading back with the intention of leaving when I spotted another species moving toward the shoreline. A Common Loon.

Common Loon

Common Loons are much larger than the Razorbills so it was easy to pick it out once it popped up from foraging underwater.

Common Loon

A Great-blue Heron walked stoically back and forth near me. It stayed so close it was all I could do to get more than a head shot with the zoom lens on.

Great-blue Heron

Eventually, Snowy Egrets arrived and also were fairly fearless.

Snowy Egret

The species that surprised me the most was the Willets. They acted like they hang out with people all the time. Made for some nice close shots.


I began the post with a Black-bellied Plover and I will bookend this thing with another which was one of the last shots I took before I headed back to cross Tampa Bay and rejoin the family.

Black-bellied Plover

A very excellent morning with the birds. Can't wait to see what 2013 might bring!

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dAwN said...

Great day of birding! I've read of the Razorbills in Florida this winter..hope to get there and see them!