Sunday, December 09, 2012

Mead Garden American Goldfinches

I stopped by Mead Garden on the way home after an interesting day at the banding site. Not a whole lot of friends at Mead. I think they bolted to avoid all the activity. Seems the amphitheater is complete and is full of equipment for the evenings first concert.

Mead Garden Amphitheater

Despite all the chaos, I did manage to see that the Rufus Hummingbird was still around and so were a bunch of American Goldfinches. However, this batch near the butterfly garden (now being transformed into a seating area) was making the birds a bit twitchy. So I headed over to the other feeders on the south side of the garden club and found a few dozen birds there willing to be in good company.

American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinches were at the feeders and in the trees all around me and I got my few minutes of Zen before heading home.

American Goldfinch

With the construction completed, maybe we can have more peaceful moments in the gardens again for a while. Perhaps the Rufus will decide to stay and we can get some good shots again.

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love the goldfinches