Saturday, December 01, 2012

Neighborhood Discoveries and Mystery

December already? Just another day to take the lakes tours to see what is arriving. A lot of Ring-necked Ducks are finally showing up and stay through the night. When they first begin to get here from the North they gather in the lake in the evening and then disperse by morning. Where do I go? No clue.

Now, the numbers reach near 200 birds in flock groups all around the lake. Most are in crisp plumage but some look a little...muddy.

Ring-necked Duck

I was counting all the ducks for my list for the day and noticed what appears to be a different type of duck. Sides are a different color than the majority of bird but I would really have liked to have it raise its head for me. Sleeping ducks are hard for me to ID since we don't have a lot of time to get good at Northern ducks. I will have to try for a better look at this mystery duck tomorrow.

Ring-necked Duck

Along the shore, White Ibis feed in large numbers. This one was busy searching inside for hidden treats.

White Ibis

Mute Swans have settled in of the past month or so. I think we are up to at least 6 by now. They have gotten completely relaxed lately.

Mute Swan

Though they are not native birds, it is kind of nice to have them around.

Mute Swan

Off to scan the cemetery for eagles. I don't see any, but when I round the back corner...Coyote!


Haven't seen her in quite a while. I figured she was gone for good. Maybe she is getting ready for breeding? Don't know much about Coyote biology. Time to find out!

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