Monday, December 03, 2012

Lake Davis Mystery Solved: Redhead

I posted this photo the other day and wondered what species it might be. The birds all around are Ring-necked Ducks but what is that center one?

Ring-necked Duck

On the way home the next evening I spotted a pair of ducks across the lake as I was counting the other ducks. Hmmmm...

Redhead Duck

Driving to the other corner of the lake, I could get a bit closer to those ducks but someone was letting their dogs get a little out of hand and it was causing the ducks to begin moving farther out in the water I managed a shot of the mystery ducks and got home and posted to some friends. Looking at the images later, blown way up, it was easier to see these were female Redhead Ducks!

Redhead Duck

Yay! Something besides the Ring-necked Ducks. Not that I mind them.

Another interesting find was made just before I spotted the Redheads. There were six Blue-winged Teal on the edge of the other flocks. Big deal? Oh, yeah! In all these years of watching this lake I have never seen Blue-winged Teal on it that I can recall. They usually go to other lakes for some reason.

Now they are here. I am happy. Maybe this is a sign of more interesting things to come this season. Feathers crossed...

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