Thursday, February 09, 2012

Quick Tour of the Neighborhood

Heading home after a morning of bird banding a week ago, I swung through my usual lake routes to see what I could see. Not a ton of birds but a few shots of interest. One of the small ponds called Lake Emerald provided a nice glimpse of a Wood Duck.

Wood Duck

At the far end of the lake was a sunning Anhinga.


Over at the Eagle nest, Mom is situated on the nest signaling that chicks may be at hand.

Bald Eagle

No definite movement from beneath but it should be time for the chicks anytime.

Bald Eagle

I will continue to monitor the nest from time to time but, quite honestly, the large amount of photographers there recently kind of depresses me for some reason. Use to be just me and the eagles. Should have kept my mouth shut years ago, I guess.

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