Thursday, February 02, 2012

Common Goldeneye


I was winding down my work for the day when I saw a post from a fellow birder reporting a great bird just located in closer to the Disney area. I figured I could beat the traffic so off to find it. It was reported in a small retention pond along with a Lesser Scaup. When I got there, I saw the Lesser Scaup right away. No sign of the other bird.

Lesser Scaup

Then I noticed a ripple behind a drain cover so I headed in that direction. Soon I was staring at a Common Goldeneye!

Common Goldeneye

Though 'common' in other areas, these birds are a rare treat for us in Florida.

With that bird in the 'bag' I headed nearby to check again on the Buffleheads where they were earlier. A few females were still in the other pond.


A couple of great birds to see before heading home on a Thursday. Saturday, I head off to band Sparrows again on the west coast.

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