Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Lake Bird and Hungry Migrants

As I headed home, I noticed a bird that was definitely not one of the usual members of the community. It was very white. Most of our wintering ducks are dark. I tried and tried to wait for it to come out of its resting position but it never would.

Horned Grebe

This bird had me confused for the entire time. I posted the shots to the birding blogs and the call was unanimous. This was a Horned Grebe! Not a first for me in life but a first for our Lake Davis since I have lived here.

Horned Grebe

The Sun was setting and I was about to head out when a hungry flock of birds moved in. Most of them were Robins. Light was dropping out fast but I tried a few shots. They were feasting on palm berries next to the lake.

American Robin

Joining in with the Robins were a few Starlings.

European Starling

But Robins stole the brief show. Another couple of big raids and the entire species will head out to the North.

American Robin

Glad I was there to witness it again this year.

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