Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Sparrow Drives, Part 2

Ok, Day 2 of the Sparrow Round-up!

Word of the day was wind. A lot of wind. Problem with that is the poles used to set the nets are not permanently anchored in the ground, like we do at our banding site. The area is an old limestone quarry and the folks who run the place don't want rebar driven into the ground for future rounds, mainly because humans tend to enjoy either taking the rebar or just messing with it. Humans.

So, we did the best we could. THis round of volunteers was instructed on procedures and began walking the area trying to drive birds toward the nets.


Like two weeks ago, we caught a lot of LeConte's Sparrows.

LeConte's Sparrow

Finally, we caught a Grasshopper Sparrow, one of the main species being sought after on these drives.

Grasshopper Sparrow

A bit later on, Marianne shows off one of the LeConte's Sparrows.

LeConte's Sparrow

Halfway through the morning the wind got so bad that a third of the volunteers were tasked with simply holding stretches of net poles as each round was run. It was quite the challenge.


The day wrapped on schedule and the data will be recorded and processed but it is always fun to experience. We bid farewell to Weekie Wachee until next year.


On the way out, Maria and I looked for some birds but didn't come up with much new. Pine Warblers are singing and we did spot a Common Loon. We also had an accommodating adult Ring-billed Gull on the road out.

Ring-billed Gull

Once I got back near the house, I checked out the Bald Eagles and found Mama on the nest. She has been hit or miss so maybe the chicks are about to emerge.

Bald Eagle

Now all of my scheduled days are over. Maybe I can relax and get some local bird shots and maybe get something new before birds turn North.

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