Monday, January 09, 2012

A Little Walk Around Lake Davis

Took a few minutes to count the ducks out on Lake Davis, as I usually do nearly every day. Same bunch is still out there. No new excitement but they had been dispersing to other nearby lakes and just about leaving Lake Davis completely. Now the flock of nearly 300 is back.

American Coots also come in during the Winter. One year we had one individual that stay the entire year. Really atypical. Coots gather in the thousands on the coasts of Florida and are a favorite food of hawks and Bald Eagles. Gotta love the color combination.

American Coot

I walked past the Coots and looked over the edge of the culvert and surprised a Green Heron from its feeding spot. Then it surprised me by flying into a nearby Cypress Tree!

Green Heron

Usually, a Green Heron will take off and get as far away from you as possible but this one must have thought the branches would conseal it well enough. Nope. Fine by me. A great chance to really see that beautiful feather pattern.

Green Heron

As I was snapping away, I heard a chip to my right. A Myrtle Warbler was looking for bugs in the adjacent tree and was making a direct line toward me and the heron. When smaller birds are concentrating on food they will usually ignore you or let you have a closer look if you stay still and let them figure out you are not a threat.

Myrtle Warblers are the Eastern variety that most folks call Yellow-rumps due to the yellow patch above their tail feathers (you can see it in this shot). The Western version is an Audubon's Warbler and have a more yellow throat. Since I band and record data on them I stick with Myrtle. Especially since that is where you often find them. In Wax Myrtle trees.

Myrtle Warbler

Not bad for a quick check of the lake. New lens is doing fine.

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