Saturday, March 08, 2014

Lake Davis, Because I Can

It looked like a beautiful morning so I did my morning lake checks and decided to stop by Lake Davis for a stroll. Wasn't so nice once I stepped down by the water as the winds picked up and sent a chill through my shirt. At least I had some Yellow-rumped Warblers to keep me warmed a bit.

Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler

I initially decided to stop because I could see a flock of Tree Swallows cruising the water and hoped to get a shot of some. Soon, I discovered they were flying in such erratic arcs and into the shadows that any chance of that was low. As I moved to sit on the culvert to get in position, a White Ibis eyed me nervously but never strayed more than a few feet from me.

White Ibis

Some residents feed the birds every morning so when I sat down other birds moved closer to see if I was offering a meal. The closest birds were the pair of Mute Swans. No sign of their baby. I think he was moved along since he was almost old enough to leave home.

Mute Swan

The best shot I could get of a Tree Swallow. I quickly figured taking too many more shots would yield anything better. I didn't mind since I got great shots last year and probably couldn't best them today.

Tree Swallow

Doesn't matter when I can walk right up to Yellow-rumped Warblers, anyway.

Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler

Along the lakeside I noticed a yellow flower standing out from all the brown and greens. I first found one of these years ago and can't recall if I ever ID'd it then. Time for research.

Yellow Flower

Back near the van, a small flock of Ring-billed Gull loafed just in water. They will head back to the coast once Spring arrives.

Ring-billed Gull

Nothing else grabbed my attention on the other lakes so I headed home by way of the usual Greenwood Cemetery route. The Bald Eagle nest is still quiet. I fear there will be no new hatchlings this year. The first time in a decade. Shame.

Bald Eagle Nest

Still waiting for a chance to find some Cedar Waxwings before they leave next month. I hear them circling and it shouldn't be too long before they swoop down to feast while bulking up for migration.

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