Sunday, March 30, 2014

Canada Geese In Jacksonville

We had to take a trip up to Jacksonville to visit my folks and to tours a few spots. One of the trips had me surprised to see a few Canada Geese flying past us as we headed up the interstate. I was hoping to get a shot of one since the only time I did so was many years ago in Washington State. I wanted to add a shot from my home state of Florida when I could. One of our trips took us to a local university and there were dozens of them all around campus.

Canada Goose

They must be used to people all around them as they were completely undisturbed when approached as they grazed along the lawns.

Canada Goose

I wanted to get a nice shot of one of the birds on the water and this bird obliged.

Canada Goose

Neither me nor my Dad recalled ever seeing this species as we grew up in the area and reports show that they are a fairly new visitor to north Florida.

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