Thursday, August 01, 2013

Baby Swan Growing Up Fast

Ever since I got the last shot of our baby swan I keep trying to get out for updated shots. Something always gets in the way of me getting that next shot. Either they are out in the middle of the lake or they are near shore when I do not have time to stop. Some days I don't see them at all for whatever reason. Like today.

There was no sign of them so I headed to check out other lakes and stopped by Cherokee first. Off on the far side of the lake were 2 white and one gray speck. They walked over to the other lake! So, I spun around and parked nearby and tried for a shot. They must be getting fed well because as soon as I topped the edge of the shore they all swan directly to me.

Mute Swan

Baby is now looking like a teenager and I got a closer shot of it as it checked me out.

Mute Swan

Pretty sure the young one can't fly yet so they must be walking back and forth. They soon were back at Lake Davis a couple days later. Wonder if they do the 2 blocks when there is less traffic?

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