Friday, August 16, 2013

Of Muck and Migrants

Well. The muck removal has begun. Behind the pump house there is now a giant holding area to hold the muck they are beginning to pull from the pond. It will sit there until the water drains back out and, hopefully, in a few weeks the pond should be looking a bit better.


The official statement...


In the tree just behind the muck container, a couple of Grey Squirrel fought over a pinecone. The victor chowed down up in the branches.

Grey Squirrel

I started meeting up with some of my birding friends and it was pointed out that one of the Barred Owls was hanging out around the corner. Had to head over there. Sure enough, the bird was right up in the palm tree.

Barred Owl

Though several of us were standing just below, the owl just watched us and kept a vigil over the surrounding area.

Barred Owl

Don't think I could ever get tired of visiting any Barred Owls. In fact, as I was trying to get some sleep the other night a Barred Owl began calling just outside our bedroom window. Noise pollution could be worse.

Barred Owl

The owl eventually flew off. Back on the pond, the boat moved out to begin the next muck extraction as Marcus looks on.


Off to the right I noticed a bunch of mushroom springing up between the lush carpet of Basket Grass.


I headed off down the creek and noticed some interesting structures in the Ferns. Some sort of insect is making nests. I didn't have the heart to break them open to see what was inside. The spores made such a pretty pattern.


Behind the club house, I was looking for Waterthrushes along the creek. No such luck but I did spot a Black and White Warbler. She spent a lot of time hopping from branch to branch and I finally got an OK shot before she headed higher into the trees.

Black and White Warbler

Not many migrants around just yet but I will be able to check every now and then. Just need to get the weather fronts to cooperate and let those Northern birds down here.

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