Monday, July 29, 2013

La Costa Wetlands Stroll

I keep trying to give La Costa Wetlands a chance. I was told by some locals that there would be ducks on the water last Winter. Nope. I go by for some sort of influx of anything and just keep getting a few local birds but not much else. Such was the case, again, today.

Sure, there were a few locals. A Mockingbird was fighting with a Cardinal off in the distance. A couple of herons and egrets waded through the grass in the center of the first pond but the rest of the place was pretty quiet. It took me several minutes before I even found a bird to consider photographing. A Blue Jay was searching through the cypress for anything to nibble on.

Blue Jay

I continued most of the way around the area until I saw some sketchy individual huddled under a tree and decided I was done. Especially since there were no birds. In fact, I didn't see another until I got back to where the Jay was. Now, the tree was occupied by a lone juvenile Northern Mockingbird just hanging out.

Northern Mockingbird

I am sure I will return in peak migration or later for yet another check but until I start seeing any real bird activity I don't see the point. Sigh. Such high hopes.

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