Saturday, August 17, 2013

Weekend Herons

We had a weekend visit with the Grandparents and the cousins so I tagged along in the light rain as the boys headed for a swim. I got some shots of the kids and then, once the rain passed, I took a walk around the edge of the lake. There was not a lot around in the gloom but I headed over to a Great Blue Heron standing near the dock.

Great Blue Heron

I continued down the dock for a bit to try and get a better angle on the Great Blue. Suddenly, my attention was grabbed by movement beneath me from under the dock. A Green Heron flew out in front of me.

Green Heron

I will trade an elusive Green Heron for other herons any day! Not that I don't love the others just as much. You just don't get a lot of Green Herons out in the open.

Green Heron

Only a White Ibis was around the lake. It seems someone decided to cut down the dying tree that contained Red-bellied and Downy Woodpecker nest only last Memorial Day. Leave the dead trees alone, people. If they are not threatening human Life or property, they are homes for insects, mammals, and birds.

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