Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wood Ducks in for a Landing

A quick stop at Demetree Park in downtown Orlando was more about getting some fresh air than thinking I would find too much but it did lead to a fun little moment. I was trying to count the Myrtle and Palm Warblers feeding in some trees around one of the lakes when I heard the familiar whistle of Wood Ducks flying overhead. It was actually the largest flock I have seen at one time with about 30 birds in the sky wheeling around the edges of the lake. I tried for some flight shots but the trees kept getting in the way.

They disappeared so I resumed my warbler watching. Suddenly, a few of the birds arrived again and were in position for a landing on the far side of the lake. I decided to take a few snaps.

Wood Duck

Wish they could have landed closer but I still find these shots a little fun.

Wood Duck

Not much else out and about. Time to transition into the last species to arrive so the birds that are already here are fairly quiet and few to be seen. Bring on the Waxwings and Goldfinches!

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